For some people, a blank notebook is a very exciting thing. For some, it is a practical and handy thing. For others, it is the carte blanche to the imagination what you fill it up with. Here are some ways you can use your little notebook to bring positive flow into your life.

Note Your Goals

It is said that a goal noted down is half achieved. Once you write it, you tend to become more committed to achieve that goal. It can also be used to keep track of your progress and how far you are from your achievement. Want to exercise 15 minutes a day? Keep a diet note? Write it down and see how well it works.

To do list

Short term or long term – it is the perfect place to write down your to dos. Never forget a thing from now on, be it shopping or in life. It is a great way to simplify life and get more things done.

Morning Journal

A morning journal is proven to be a habit of highly successful people. It is probably the simplest and most efficient habit one can ever have.

Every morning take a pen and write down what you want to have. It could be what you want to achieve throughout the day or in general, in your life. What it does is that it clears your brain of unwanted stuff and provides clarity. Clearing mental clutter is almost as powerful as doing meditation.


Track your Expenses

It can’t get more practical than this. Noting down the little expenses all throughout the day will help you see what’s eating your money. It is an absolutely foolproof way of many successful people who use this method to manage their money. A little notebook is a great handy tool for this purpose.


Note your dreams and destinations

Found something exciting and would plan to buy it? Want to travel to that place next December? Write it. It’s your dreams, your desires. And your notebook.


Books & URLs

Some people find it a realistic solution to note those little things which they would like to follow up later. May a book they have heard about. Or a website they would like to check. It also comes helpful to note something quick, like a phone number. Better to have a notebook every time instead of grappling around for a piece of paper.


Legendary artist Leonardo Da Vinci always carried a notebook with him. Whenever an idea occurred to him or he found a subject he could use, he would note it. Entrepreneurs like Richard Branson have this habit too. As we never truly know when the next big idea will land, it is always good to carry a notebook with us.

Recipes or something you find interesting

Let’s say you come across a recipe you want to remember. When you carry a thought in your mind and try  not to forget it, it puts a pressure in your brain. No matter how pleasant the thing may be for you, but the mind treats it as a job to do, a thing to remember and do. The more you do this, the more mental clutter accumulates and stress builds up.

Easy solution? Note it down.

Gratitude journal

Believe it or not, keeping a gratitude journal does wonders for your life. Just note down the good things that happen to you throughout the day instead of focusing on the negative ones, and see how good you feel. Scientists and researchers are appraising the effects of gratitude expression and how it keeps our mind and body healthy. A little notebook will surely change your life, if you allow it to.


This is for the free spirit in each one of us. When we were kids, doodles were a part of us. Don’t feel shy to bring it out, it is your notebook after all. Even great men like Rabindranath Tagore, Da Vinci and Einstein would sit and do doodling. Just do what gives you joy.


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A notebook for your daily notes


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