The human body is a highly complex bio-engineered machine and just like any other machine, it needs some basic care to make it run well. Food is its fuel. These are the simple food habits that keeps your body function in its natural state. Ignore it and you will find with time it will wear and tear down, and there is no replacement for your body machine. Follow these simple steps today and stay healthy.

Breakfast, breakfast, breakfast

This is the most common advice and the most ignored part of our daily habit. People without proper breakfast run their body like a car without petrol. These bodies tend to stuff their body with unhealthy snacks and heavy meals since evening to night. What is the use of filling the engine when you are back in the garage? As the body gets accustomed to this lifestyle, it starts to store the food as fats as fuel for the next day.

If you want a leaner, slimmer, healthier body put attention to a proper breakfast.


Right dose of water


All throughout the day we soak and put into our bodies toxins that come from the atmosphere, from the plastics and often from the food that we eat. The liver and kidneys have the vital task to clean up your insides and purify the blood. But they cannot do it if you do not provide it with adequate water. This scarcity of water starts to show up as skin problems, infections, abdominal and gastrointestinal issues and later as stones and can take the form of other dreadful diseases. One of the ways to find out if your water consumption is insufficient is if the urine turns yellow.  Keep a track of how much water you are consuming. Do it for a month and it will become a habit.

Eat fresh food


It is far better than eating fresh fruits and vegetables than any supplements or medicines. Freshly prepared food tastes better as well. Ideally, food should be consumed within 3 hours of preparation. Avoid eating tinned or packaged food for periods of time.

Know your snacks


Snacks are fun and tasty treats but with time the unhealthy ingredients start to build up in our body. There are healthier snack options available, look out for those. Rotate your snack habits at times. Try to make some healthy snacks at home so that you don’t have to buy the preservative laden ones from the market.


Eat properly


In our busy lifestyle, we punish ourselves at mealtimes. At most meals and especially breakfasts, people are in a hurry at the table.Stop doing this. Wake up 5 minutes early if you have to but mealtime should be peaceful. Chew your food properly. Food not chewed well causes gastric troubles and add fat to your body, not to mention the risk of choking your food. Food eaten and chewed calmly also stops you from overeating and hence keeping you slimmer.



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