There’s nothing more dilemmatic than having a house full of clutter which you have no use of, but also not ready to part with.

Old Coffee mugs lying around gathering dust; tea cups without a dish, left alone without its clan of six. Or your favourite mug just has a hairline crack and you are still too attached to it.

Why throw something away when they can still be of use. One of the best ways to use these unused cups and mugs is to recycle and reuse those, thereby not adding to the trash of your city. Secondly, you can save your valuable money and also give a chance to your imagination and skills for a workout.

#1 – Start a tiny garden

This seems to be one of the most popular ways to use those cups. All you need is little soil plus idea. You may start with seeds or get small flowering plants from your local nursery. Makes a great addition to the balcony, windows as well as a memorable gift for someone who loves flowers or spends time in gardening.


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#2- Break it

If it’s really broken, break it more into smaller pieces. Place the mugs underneath a thick cloth or cover before you put the hammer on it. Planters and gardeners, you have your very own drainage rocks. Place these broken shards at the bottom of pots.


Artists have their own ceramic mosaics out of those. Use it for your crafts or ask your local potter to create your very own customized pot!


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#3- Identified Hanging saucer


This is a very efficient way to attract birds to your balcony, window or garden. Not only will this create a pleasant atmosphere in your house but this is a very helpful way in maintaining local ecology. Use a hook and a drill for this or as an alternative, use old hanging chains or ropes to create this bird feeder.

#4- Organize

Use an old mug or tea cup to store your office stuffs like pins, pens and clips. Organizing rings and earrings has never been easier. You can also use it to store stitching needles and thread rolls. A quite practical way to help you keep your things handy and tidy.


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#5- Light up

This is my personal favourite. Teacup candles and lamps are lovely. You can purchase wax or reuse leftover ones and add your favoured scent or oil to create a magical evening. Great addition for festivals and birthday parties to add that special something.


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Have you ever done anything like this?



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