#1 – Caffeine is, in reality  ….. crystals !

The burst of energy that you thought that came from the black beverage actually has its roots in crystals. When you drink coffee, what you see as that dark liquid is in fact filled with tiny 0.0016-inch crystals of caffeine.  So beautiful isn’t it?

Image and source credit: news.distractify.com

#2 – Coffee creates Webcam !!!

First webcam in the world was invented in 1991 by scientists  at Cambridge University to keep an eye on …. a coffee pot! It was so that they don’t have to walk all the way to find it empty, so they set up a camera and watched it seated from their desks.
Here is the image of that historic coffee pot.


Image and source credit: ilovecoffee.jp

#3 – Get divorced if your spouse does not provide with coffee.

There was a time in Turkey when a wife could hold ground for divorce if the husband does not provide her with coffee.


Image and source credit: likes.com

#4 – Coffee has been baptized..

It was denounced as the drink of Satan. In the 18th century, many coffee houses being  closed because those were ‘hotbeds of sedition’ Pope Clement VIII was asked to ban this devilish brew by the clergy in 1615. But the Pope actually loved coffee. So to trick the devil and to please the Lord the Pope worked out the innovative solution – just baptize it! So now you may sip without fear.


Image and source credit: specialty-coffee-advisor.com, aussietrend.com.au

#5 – And now, relish the luxurious Black Ivory Coffee-  the most expensive coffee on planet earth … made of elephant’s stool 🙁

In Thailand lies the unique facility which produces the most expensive and weirdly unique coffee in the world.  Black Ivory Coffee is made by using elephant dung. Elephants are made to eat coffee beans and as those pass through their unique digestive track, it adds that ‘special flavour’. Next day as the pachyderm poops out, the beans are handpicked and processed for the brew that will cost you $50 per cup. Volunteers anyone?


Image credit: telegraph.co.uk



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