The most obvious things are most likely to be missed. Life is meant to be happy in a real way. The secrets of happiness are pre-programmed in our nature but as we grow up, we tend to listen more to the voices outside us. Let’s just cut through the crap and clutter and rediscover the foundations of true happiness.

#1- Don’t compare your life with others

This is the one thing you need to absorb into your bones. You are unique with a big U and so is every aspect of your existence.  Comparison and competition never gave anyone true happiness. Never compare your life, your car or earnings. If you like something better than yours, appreciate it, try to incorporate it into your life. In case you start to feel jealous or face any bad vibes, mentally send blessings and good wishes to that person or thing. You will feel far better and very peaceful; and you know the rule, what you give out you get back.


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Remember, every person’s blessings and problems are different than yours. Focus more on your traits and whatever good that is in your life, however little it may seem to be. True happiness starts with inner peace and that comes by not comparing.

#2- Appreciating the ones in your life right now


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Appreciating what’s good in your life OPENS your eyes. How to Do It- Take a pen and paper and start noting down every little thing the people in your life do (this can be done without writing down but trust me, there’s too many). So where do you start? Whatever you ate today someone made it, thank her/him. You have clean drinking water, be thankful for that. You are healthy and it’s a great reason to thank your parents, God, doctor or whoever you want to. Just think how incapacitated you become when you are sick and you can’t do without others.

Thank those because of who your house is clean; you have food in your fridge because one is selling or growing it. Right now, just feel thankful that you have eyes and a device to read this. This is extremely POWERFUL in claiming your happiness back. Once you start this thanking list, you will feel yourself changing and getting happier. No matter how depressed you are, this is better than any Prozac.

The happiness becomes manifold when you gather the ‘courage’ to thank people in their face. Not only do you feel good for their daily chores, but you start a chain of happiness around you. Rule of thumb, what you give you get back, so give and get happiness.

#3- Clear the clutter in your life

Just as we buy things and eventually those become clutter in our home, the same happens with our life too. We follow rules and rituals that were meant to make our lives better, but we never realized when these turned burdensome. Periodically, clean your life as you would clean your drawers. If you carrying anger and grudge- is it decorating your body temple? If you are maintaining relations and friendships out of pretensions and social norms – these are like weeds that will destroy the rose plants in your garden. You can’t please and shouldn’t please everyone. A healthy existence has its basis on commonalities and differences. Appreciate this in yourself and also in those who maintain it.


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Life is meant to be good and provide ample space and time for pursuing those things that make you feel happy. So take a deep breath and question, is this situation serving me? Be gentle but firm and let it go – slowly and peacefully and remember to send good wishes to the person or situation.  Mental peace and joy is the natural right given by the universe to you and you deserve it.

#4- Breathe right

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In our world, to maintain that level of peace and happiness in spite of the chaos and negativity around us, is a gargantuan task. Even if you try to follow steps #1, #2 and #3, you will ample difficulty in your way because our mind will struggle with these new ways. There is a way to increase your personal strength and will power beyond your imagination by the process of breathing right. Any kind of martial art has its foundation in breathing right. Meditation and Yoga has one of its aims to merge you with the act of right breathing. Every person should meditate for at least 5-10 minutes every day. You may look for a teacher or you may look into the teacher within. People do meditation in lotus posture as well anywhere else in any posture because meditation is not just sitting for 30 mins a day and being in a stressful state all day. Meditation is a WAY of life and the MOST practical and efficient way to do it.

There are many resources in the internet on how to do it. One of the easiest way to do is just observe your breathing- observe the feeling as it goes in, stays and comes out. FEEL your body during this whole process and stay in touch with your body whatever you do.

#5- There’s no secret to happiness


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All these rules of happiness mentioned are as old as our existence. As said earlier, the most obvious things are most likely to be missed. Nature has programmed us to be happy and it is our right. Live how you want it to be but stay in touch with happiness. Happiness is not a destination you have to reach, it’s as natural as you eat and sleep. Just as we decide what to eat for body’s health, similarly the mental food you give to yourself will determine the level of happiness you are at.

What is your secret to happiness?



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