It is easy to get set into patterns, especially when most people around you act that way. That is why it is important to evaluate yourself from time to time. You be your judge. See for yourself if are self-sabotaging your professional life by repeating these disruptive behaviors-

Playing politics


If you think you are too clever to win your way in office through politics, you are walking on fire. People at this stage are very complacent and self-righteous, and it is difficult to convince them of their mistakes. There is nothing like honest, good work and if you have to use a little cleverness to adapt to the corporate jungle, do it. But there is a fine line between self-preservation and slyness. Stop manipulating people, karma sucks when it comes back on you. Don’t look down on people. Stick to authenticity, keep life simple.

Ignoring other’s needs

Be it for team members or for people in your office, a balanced level of co-operation and compassion is a trait of the highly successful. You cannot ignore other people’s needs, or ignore a deadline because it is responsible to your group instead of yours individually. This again does not imply overdoing it and putting your nose everywhere. If you are not careful about how you behave towards others, they may not respond when you are in need.

Rubbing shoulders with your boss all the time


While it looks like a great way to go ahead in your career by posing compliments and accompany as his yes-man everywhere, the buck does stop somewhere. Your boss is not a fool and even if in the rare case of it happening so, this won’t help you in the long term. If you think that saying yes to your higher management is the answer to your prayers, either your thoughts are wrong or you are working in the wrong place. These types of situations tend to get eccentric and the security of your career is dependent on a fickle foundation. Worse is when you get seasoned to by this habit, you will have the tendency to bootlick everywhere and lose your sense of self-esteem.

Not adapting to change

Things change and the sooner you accept it, the less miserable it will make you feel. Sometimes, there is the call for you to adapt as well. Just as software needs update, and a programmer will have to keep updating his knowledge. New people may initially stress us to work with but with every change comes experience. Experience is the most highly valued skill in the workplace. Experience knows how to make it work. Keep open to change as much as you feel comfortable and it will make a great contribution to your career.

Ignoring your personal life


A person who is not healthy is not of any help in the corporate world. A person depressed and stressed in his personal life is generally low or counter-productive. These are the stark truths of life. So give yourself time. Take care of your health. Maintain your most important relationships – if you can’t manage your closest relationships how can you manage a professional one?  Take time to open your mind and see the world around you. Along with capital assets, grow your humane assets.

At the end, all that matters is that you led a content and happy life. Focus on your balanced life.




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