Nothing is as amazing as nature. Nothing will be as beautiful as nature. Ever.

Great artists, poets and creators derive their inspiration from nature. She is the Greatest Artist of all. Although every flower is perfection personified, have a look at some of the most beautiful flowers of our planet.


The colour lavender derives its name from the flower referring to its pale shade of violet. A field full of Lavenders is a sight to behold. You cannot help lifting your spirits up by a sight so gorgeous.

The lavender oil is used in lotions, whipped body butter and in perfumes. The oil is also used to heal acne or skin irritations. You can also boil dried lavender herb in a pot of water with citrus peels for a natural air freshener.



It’s the sunny side up. Sunflowers have the power to lift away depression, making one feel energized and active. No wonder yellow is the colour of joy.


Apart from being a source of healthy cooking oil, sunflower seeds contain a rich amount of vitamins E and B-1 and copper. Since ancient times, sunflower tea has been used for curing lung ailments, malaria and to reduce high fevers.

Cherry Blossom

Native to the Himalayas, the Cherry Blossom is an international plant today. Every year on March 27, The National Cherry Blossom Festival is held at Washington, D.C.

It is a plant of exquisite beauty and gracefulness. As per Wikipedia –

During World War II, the cherry blossom was used to motivate the Japanese people, to stoke nationalism and militarism among the populace. Even prior to the war, they were used in propaganda to inspire “Japanese spirit,” as in the “Song of Young Japan,” exulting in “warriors” who were “ready like the myriad cherry blossoms to scatter.


Rose is timeless. Not only is it a garden’s delight but also a symbol of the feelings of the heart.

There are more than a hundred species of rose. Rose also adds commercially with its rose oil and rose water. These are used extensively in perfumes, cosmetics and also for flavouring foods. Rose petals have been used to make jam, jelly and marmalade. Soup and tea are prepared too, primarily for the high vitamin C content.


This is the ultimate show-off. A single dahlia flower will make a gardener proud. There are 42 species of Dahlia and one of the earliest accounts of Dahlia plantation is reported in 1525 in Mexico. Dahlia is the national flower of Mexico.

Thousands of years ago, the Aztecs cultivated the dahlia as a food crop. Except blue, one can probably find every colour of dahlia.

Cactus Flowers


Speaking in a more generic sense than a particular flower, cactus flowers can speak a thousand words.


Imagine a dry uninhabited desert without a soul anywhere. Sands stretch for hundreds of miles. And in it a miracle – a blooming flower! A dash of colour and life. In the sea of lifelessness, a sign of hope. Never give up it says.



There is no word to describe this divine flower. Not only in ancient India but also in Egyptian ruins we find lotus has been placed in a venerated position. The sight of a beautiful lotus itself acts as therapy.


In many parts of Asia, the parts of lotus are used in cuisine to impart a beautiful flavor. Lotus seeds, rootlets and stem have been used to make several dishes. A unique fabric from the lotus plant fibers is produced in Myanmar to be used for weaving special robes for Buddha.



The Tulips originated in the various parts of the Himalayan regions. Today this flower is an international commercial commodity. From the Persians to the Mughals to Alexandre Dumas, the Tulip has been the object of imagination and poetry.


Be it Holland’s Tulip Mania, Turkey’s divine flower or Tulip flower festivals around the world, we are simply happy to have such a beauty to behold.



Crocus are wonderful little flowers. The word Crocus is thought to be derived from the Sanskrit kunkumam for saffron.

These bloom in the rarely found colours of lilac and mauve and also commonly in yellow, and white.

Night queen

You have to be very lucky to see Queen of the Night. Commonly called Night queen it is a rare flower that blooms only at night. It blooms only one night each year. Its fragrance is lovely and seeing this pure white flower blooming the in the dark of the night is an experience to add into your bucket list.




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