# 1  No bird or planes have ever been seen to fly directly above the temple.


# 2 Anywhere in the world we see that during day time air comes from sea to land and at evening, the contrary happens. In Puri it’s totally reverse and there is no explained reason for this.


# 3 You cannot see the shadow of the main dome at any time. There is a similar claim for the Konark temple as well.


# 4 The mystery of the Prasad – The quantity of Prasad cooked inside the temple is the same for the whole year. Mysteriously the same quantity of Prasad feeds the visiting devotees every day which range from a few thousand on one day to someday around 20 lakh people. There has neither been any shortage nor wastage!


# 5 Another mystery in the kitchen – The temple kitchen cooks in a very unique way.  Seven pots are kept on top of each other & cooked on firewood. It has always been seen that the food in the topmost pot gets cooked first and then the lower ones in line.


# 6 The flag on top of the temple is always seen to flap in the opposite direction of air.


# 7 Jagannath stops to meet his devotees – Every year during Rath Yatra at a place near Gundicha temple, the chariot of Jagannath comes to a stop by itself very mysteriously. No amount of pushing or plodding helps. Miraculously after some time, it starts again.   It is believed that since many devotees are not allowed to enter the temple to glimpse Lord Jagannath  on the basis of caste or race. So by this ‘leela’ those devotees get darshan of the deities and Lord Jagannath loves them all unconditionally.


# 8 The Puri temple is also dedicated to Shakti and Shiva   – Puri Shakti Peeth also known as Vimala temple is among the 51 Shakti Peeth and among the four of the most important Shakti peethas (other three are Kamakhya, Kalighat and Tara Tarini). Here Devi Sati’s navel had fallen. In fact the Prasad is first offered to the Devi temple and then to Lord Jagannath. There is also the Lord Balabhadra temple which is an important point of worship. Thus the Puri temple is one of a kind as it houses all the three aspects of Vaishnavs, Shaivas and Shaktas.


# 9 Non vegetarian Prasad – Every year during the Durga Puja, the strictly vegetarian temple food is not followed and on one day, meat is being offered to the deities.  This is mainly offered for Goddess Vimala which becomes sanctified and is then taken as Mahaprasad.


# 10 Women are not allowed to enter Devi’s temple – During the Durga Puja women are not allowed to enter the temple of Goddess Vimala. The Goddess Vimala is then believed to acquire a fearsome form and women are assumed to be too “weak-hearted” to witness her then.

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