Salute to 22-year-old Priyanka Bhadoriya from Madhya Pradesh. She requested her in-laws not to give gold or diamond ornaments on her marriage. Instead she asked them to plant 10,000 saplings. 5,000 in her village of Kishipura in Bhind district and 5,000 in her in-laws village.

Her demand was based on the fact that her farmer-father and others struggle with drought and dwindling crop yields. This has happened due to rapid deforestation in the surrounding area.


Her husband Ravi Chauhan, an army officer has appreciated that his wife is so aware and has helped to implement her request. They got happily married on Earth Day.

Priyanka is the daughter of a farmer, Rajesh Badodaria and he made sure to educate his daughter till graduation. No more one can say that diamonds a woman’s best friend. Education is.


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