Bengali language is a melting pot in its truest sense. Due to centuries of contact with travelers from Europe, Mongolians, Arabs, Persians, and East Asians the Bengali language has absorbed numerous words from these foreign languages and these have been included into the core vocabulary. Here are some we share with the Japanese –


Bengalis need cha (tea) all the time. It is prepared in households in many versions and flavours.

Cha in Bengali is the same as Cha 茶 in Japanese. One might wonder China being India’s neighbor and the inventor of tea, why didn’t we pick up their word of tea. Even if Bengal and Japan are 5,956 kms apart but it is still the same cup of cha for them.


Boka is the established word for a fool in Bengali and Japanese (with a slight wind in accent). Although it is difficult to believe boka people in Japan, the word originated there and has made its way in Bengal. In Benglai, it has increased its family as bokami, boka chhala, boka handa and more. Next time if you call someone a boka, you may start to feel proud as a linguistic.



Not only Bengali but all around the world, Tsunami is used as the right word for… a tsunami. Japanese had coined the term as earthquakes and Tsunamis are a well known actuality for them. Anyone knows a better word for a giant wave other than a Tsunami?


The common rikshaw owes its credit to Japan too. In Japan it is called more as rikisha 力車. Not only have the Japanese originated Honda, Suzuki, Hyundai and Toyota but also the rikshaw.

Credit – wikipedia


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