Kolkata’s Victoria Memorial holds quite a few little known facts.

William Emerson designed it on the inspiration the Taj Mahal. Like the Taj, it is built of white Makrana marble, is a memorial to an empress. In design, it has a dome, four subsidiaries, octagonal domed chattris, high portals, terrace, and domed corner towers echoing the Taj Mahal.

It was the notorious Lord Curzon who commanded the construction of the memorial. The fund which was more than Rs. 1 crore in 1901 was a huge amount and it was raised from the India states. Lord Curzon was the infamous Viceroy history remembers for the tragic case of Partition of Bengal.

It was opened to the general public on 21-12-21 by the Duke of Windsor.

The 16 ft, 3 ton figure on top of the central dome is known as Nike the Angel of Victory, a Greek deity. The same Nike has been used for the brand Nike, design of the first FIFA World Cup trophy, Honda motorcycle company’s logo and the hood ornament used by Rolls-Royce.


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