Have you ever stood still and looked around?

Seen how much Mother Nature gives us without even asking for anything?

Guardian of Earth is a small but great way to show that you care about Her. We can never truly pay Her back but doing what we can is all that matters.

This go-green initiative is simple and sweet. We are dependent on the lives of trees and leave carbon footprints for our daily needs.

Every beautiful card, notebook and mug at G-girl is here ready for you because we took something from nature.

Now it’s time to show some love.

With every purchase from G-girl we are giving away free plant seeds. Just sow it. Watch it grow. If every person does this, we will have a lot more plants and far more nature.

We are giving away flowering plants so you can grow it your balcony or windowsill at very little space and even in old containers. Not to mention how gorgeous your place would look when the zinnias would bloom in various colours!

We at G-girl believe in win-win situations. Let’s lead happy abundant lives and also be a Guardian of Earth!


Useful links

What’s in the GOE kit

More detail on sowing and plant care

5 easy steps to become a Guardian of Earth


Make me a Guardian of Earth

♥ Pack of 10 seeds = One Card

♥ Pack of 20 seeds = One Notebook

♥ Pack of 30 seeds = One Set Coaster

♥ Pack of 40 seeds = One Coffee Mug

♥ Pack of 50 seeds = One Combo Pack